List of Ph.Ds Awarded

Sl. No Name of the Candidate Reg. No Department Guide Title
1 Ms. Sujini Paul 06ZH001 Computer Applications Dr. V. Saravanan An efficient distributed and parallel data mining approach for improved response time with dynamic remote memory utilization using intelligent agents
2 Mr. Jayaram K. Iyer 06ZC001 Management Dr. J. Reeves Wesley Antecedents and consequents of perception of price unfairness
3 Mr. J. Rajan 06ZH004 Computer Applications Dr. V. Saravanan Design and Development of an automated data mining system for object oriented data: A software agent based approach
4 Ms. J. Kandaleena Jeba 06ZC002 Management Dr. S. Franklin John Branding in Higher Educational Institutions: with special reference to engineering education in Tamil Nadu
5 Ms. J. Jebamalar Tamil Selvi 06ZH003 Compute Applications Dr. V. Saravanan Detection and elimination of duplicate data using token-based method for a data warehouse: A clustering based approach
6 Ms. J. Sharmila 06ZH002 Computer Applications Dr. R. Elijah Blessing Novel Stable Clustering protocols in mobile ADHOC networks using analytical hierachy process methodology
7 Mr. S. Robert Ravi 06ZA002 Civil Engineering Dr. G. Prince Arulraj Studies on the behavior of retrofitted RCC beam column joints
8 Ms. C. Prema 06ZC003 Management Dr. V. Vadivel An extended technology acceptance model for predicting consumer adoption of internet banking
9 Ms. K. Parameswari 06ZG001 Chemistry Dr. C. Joseph Kennady Preparation, Charecterisation and Application of Ti/TiO2 for Electro – Organic Synthesis
10 Ms. P. Esther 06ZF001 Physics Dr. C. Joseph Kennady Effect of Tungsten and Additives on the Structural and Magnetic Properties of Electrodeposited soft magnetic Ni-Fe-W Films
11 Mr. S. Antony Raja 06ZB001 Mechanical Engineering Dr. D. S. Robinson Smart Parametric Studies on pyrolysis of Jatropha oil cake in fluidized bed reactor
12 Ms. C. Freeda Christy 06ZA001 Civil Engineering Dr. D. Tensing An experimental study on the behaviour of reinforced and unreinforced masonry walls subjected to axial and in-plane shear load
13 Ms. D. Vijayalakshmi 06ZA003 Civil Engineering Dr. D. Tensing Experimental and theoretical studies on confined steel concrete composite beams under combined bending and torsion
14 Ms. Ponmary Pushpalatha 07ZH001 Computer Applications Dr. D. Jeya Sundara Sharmila A Comprehensive Disease Specific Protein Ligand Binding Database (DS - PLBD)
15 Mrs. J. Daphy Louis Lovenia 08ZJ002 Mathematics Dr. B. Selvaraj Oscillatory Behavior of Certain Classes of Difference Equations
16 Mr. I. Mohammed Ali Jaffer 08ZJ001 Mathematics Dr. B. Selvaraj Oscillatory Behavior of third and Fourth Order Difference Equations
17 Ms. R. Nageswari 09ZL002 English Dr. J. Sundersingh Lateral Thinking Strategies for Second Language Enhancement of Learners At Teritiary Level: An Experimental Study
18 Mrs. A. Ali Fatima 08ZF002 Physics Dr. Suganthi Devadason Investigation on the Properties of Pure and Doped Nanocrystalline ZnO Films
19 Ms. V. Kavitha 08ZJ005 Mathematics Dr. M. Mallika Arjunan Existence and Controllability Results for Impulsive Abstract Functional Differential Systems with Delay
20 Mrs. G. Gomathi Jawahar 08ZJ004 Mathematics Dr. B. Selvaraj A Study on Certain Types of Neutral Delay Difference Equations
21 Mr. K. Leo Dev Wins 06ZB003 Mechanical Engineering Dr. A. S. Varadarajan Investigations on Surface Milling of Hardened AISI4240 Steel with Minimal Fluid Application Using a High Velocity Pulsed Jet of Cutting Fluid
22 Mrs. S. Elizabeth Amudhini Stephen 07ZJ001 Mathematics Dr. R. Mercy Shanthi Optimization of Indoor Environmental Quality in a University Building Using Non - Traditional Algorithms
23 Mrs. S. Salaja 08ZM001 Computer Science and Engineering Dr. Kirubakaran Ezra Novel Service Selection Frameworks for Pervasive Environment and its Analysis in Health Care and Social Network Services
24 Mr. Naresh Chandra Verma 08ZR002 Library and Information Science Dr. J. Dominic Marketing of Library and Information Products and Services in Academic Libraries of Uttarakhand: A Study
25 Mr. K. Muthusamy 08ZC001 Management Dr. S. Franklin John Determinants of Corporate Leverage in Indian Chemical Industry
26 Ms. P. Nithyadharseni 07ZF002 Physics Dr. B. Nalani Development of Nano-Structured Anodes for All Solid State Lithium Ion Batteries
27 Mr. K. Vadivel 08ZF001 Physics Dr. S. Rajesh Studies on the Properties of Transition Metal Doped Nanostructured Tin Oxide Based Dilute Magnetic Semiconductors
28 Mr. J. Suryakanth 07ZF001 Physics Dr. S. Rajesh Surface Modification of MWCNT with Oxides of Tin, Indium and Vanadium for Gas Sensing Applications
29 Mrs. K. Rebecca Jebaseeli Edna 07ZJ002 Mathematics Dr. S. Devaarul A Study and Contributions to Quality Control Measures Based on Acceptance Sampling Plans
30 Mrs. V. Jemmy Joyce 07ZJ003 Mathematics Dr. S. Devaarul A Study and Contributions to Mixed Sampling Plans and Reliability Based Sampling Plans Using Certain Probability Models
31 Mr. S. Smys 08ZE005 ECE Dr. G. Josemin Bala Analysis of Localized Virtual Structure Constructions in Wireless Networks
32 Mr. J. Samuel Manoharan 09ZE003 ECE Dr. Kezi Selva Vijila An Efficient Reversible Data Embedding Approach in Medical Images for Health Care Management
33 Mrs. Salma Khan 08ZR003 Library and Information Science Dr. J. Dominic Information Communication Technology Applications in the University Libraries of Uttar Pradesh: An Analysis
34 Mr. C. Ravichandran 09ZJ004 Mathematics Dr. M. Mallika Arjunan Existence Results for Impulsive Differential and Fractional Differential Systems with Delay
35 Mrs. S. Selvi 09ZJ002 Mathematics Dr. M. Mallika Arjunan Studies on Impulsive Differential Systems Via Measures of Noncompactness
36 Ms. Burra Martha Himabindu 09ZC004 Management Sciences Dr. Susan Chirayath Socio-Psychological Determinants of Quality of Work-Life of Employees in BPO Industry in Hyderabad
37 Mr. Jude Hemanth. D 09ZE005 ECE Dr. Kezi Selva Vijila Computer Aided Classification and Segmentation of Abnormal Human Brain Magnetic Resonance Images Using Modified Soft Computing Techniques
38 Mrs. J. Michael Anna Spinneli 07ZJ004 Mathematics Dr. M. Basheer Ahamed A Study on Fuzzy Automata
39 Mrs. Anitha. J   09ZE001 ECE Dr. C. Kezi Selva Vijila   Artificial Intelligence Techniques for Automated Classification of Abnormal Retinal Images
40 Mr. A. Ibrahim 08ZJ003 Mathematics Dr. M. Basheer Ahamed Some Contributions to Fuzzy Mathematics in Theoretical Computer Science
41 Mrs. Lalitha Bai 08ZR001 Library and Information Science Dr. J. Dominic Literature on Public Finance (1986 - 2010): A Bibliometric Analysis Based on EBSCO Database
42 Mr. K. Jayesh 08ZF010 Physics Dr. Tharmarnadar Ganesh IMRT Patient Specific Quality Assurance Using Portal Dosimetry, IMARTIXX 2 - D Array System and Compass 3 - D Verification System-An Optimization and Dosimetric Study
43 Mr. M. Melvin David Kumar 08ZF005 Physics Dr. Suganthi Devadason Quantum Confinement Effect in CdSe Based Multilayer Structures Prepared by Thermal Evaporation Method
44 Mr. P. Sampaul 08ZB003 Mechanical Engineering Dr. A. S. Varadarajan Investigations on Cutting Performance Prediction During Turning of Hardened AISI4340 Steel with Minimal Fluid Application Using Multicoated Carbide Inserts
45 Ms. Garima Sharma 09ZG002 Chemistry Dr. S. Vasanth Kumar Synthesis and Biological Screening of Certain Quinonoids
46 Mr. A. Obadiah 08ZG002 Chemistry Dr. S. Vasanth Kumar Extraction, Characterization and Application of Certain Antioxidants
47 Ms. P. S. Mary Christina RR10EN002 English Dr. Pauline Das Survival amidst Cross-culturalism: A Parallel Study of Michael Ondaatje's The English Patient and Rohinton Mistry's A Fine Balance
48 Mr. V. Vinod Prabhu 09ZN001 Biotechnology Dr. C. Guruvayoorappan Investigation on the Immunomodulatory Efficacy of RHIZOPHORA APICULATA and its Application in Inhibiting Inflammation, Tumor and Ulcerative Colitis
49 Mr. S. Jacob Pratabaraj 07ZC001 Management Dr. J. Reeves Wesley Supply Chain Performance in Textile Industry
50 Mrs. Menila James 08ZH009 Computer Applications Dr. S. Arockiasamy Face Recognition System in Compressed Domain By Applying Wavelet Transform and Feature Vector Optimization
51 Mr. A. Manjamalai 09ZN010 Biotechnology Dr. V. M. Berlin Grace Evaluation of Bioactive Properties of Essential Oil from Selected Medicinal Plants Against Microbes, Inflammation, Oxidative Stress and Lung Cancer
52 Mr. Siddikuzzaman 09ZN014 Biotechnology Dr. V. M. Berlin Grace Effect of Encapsulated all Trans Retinoic Acid (ATRA) on Experimental Lung Cancer
53 Mr. D. Abraham Chandy 06ZE002 ECE Dr. J. Stanley Johnson Development and Analysis of Gray Level Statistical Matrix and Neighbourhood Search Methods for Retrieval of Mammograms
54 Mr. C. Parthasarathy 09ZJ005 Mathematics Dr. M. Mallika Arjunan Studies on Impulsive Stochastic Functional Integrodifferential Systems with Delay
55 Mr. Giftson J. Senapathy 09ZN009 Biotechnology Dr. P. Uma Devi Chemosensitizing effect of ferulic acid on cisplatin in cervical cancer and Dalton's Lymphoma cell lines
56 Mr. R. Thiru Murugan 09ZC015 Management Sciences Dr. J. Clement Sudhahar Predictors of Customer Retention in Online Health Care Services
57 Ms. G. Jayanthi 09ZC013 SBLM Dr. R. Amudha Role of Experiential Knowledge in the Pace of Internationalization of Pump and Motor Manufactures in Coimbatore
58 Mr. S. Thomas George 06ZE003 ECE Dr. J. Stanley Johnson Brain - Maps Using Range-Based Source Separation for Seizure Disorder Diagnosis
59 Mr. V. Arivazhagan RR10PH001 Physics Dr. S. Rajesh Investigation of Quantum Confinement Effect in PbSe/ZnSe Multiple Quantum Well Structures Prepared by Thermal Evaporation Technique
60 Ms. Annamma George 08ZQ002 Education Dr. Mini Dejo Kappan Effectiveness of Web Based Instruction in Learning Scientific Skills among Higher Secondary Students
61 Mr. S. VinodKumar 08ZL001 English Dr. P. Selvam The Portrayal of Sufferings of the Common Man in the Select Works of Rohinton Mistry
62 Mr. R. Robinson Gnanadurai 08ZB002 Mechanical Engineering Dr. A. S. Varadarajan Investigations on Performance Enhancers for Turning of Hardened AISI4340 Steel with Minimal Fluid Application Using Multicoated Carbide Inserts
63 Mr. N. Anand 09ZA003 Civil Dr. G. Prince Arulraj Studies on the Behaviour of self Compacting Concrete under Elevated Temperatures
64 Ms. T. Prasanyaa 09ZF008 Physics Dr. M. Haris Growth and Characterization of Ninhydrin, L-Arginine Trifluoroacetate and L-Tartaricacid Nicotinamide Single Crystals for NLO Applications
65 Mr. M. R. Krishnan Namputhiri 08ZL003 English Dr. J. Sundersingh Experiential Learning Method for Enhancing Communication Skill of Tertiary Level L2 Learners in Thrissur District
66 Ms. M. Lydia 09ZO002 EEE Dr. S. Suresh Kumar Investigations on Wind Power Forecasting Models Using Soft Computing Approaches
67 Ms. J. Amaleena 08ZC002 Management Sciences Dr. R. Amudha Children's Responsiveness to Food Advertisements in Television and Allied Health Problems - A Review of Evidence from Selected Districts of South Tamilnadu
68 Mr. V. Mathivanan 09ZF010 Physics Dr. M. Haris Investigations on Solution and Gel Grown Copper, Iron and Magnesium Doped Metal Tartrate Crystals
69 Mr. George Abe 08ZA001 Civil Dr. E. J. James Hydrologic Alternations Due to Hydro-Electric Projects in the Periyar-Muvattupuzha River System, Kerala, India
70 Ms. Celine George 08ZA002 Civil Dr. E. J. James Simulation of Hydrologic Impacts of Land Use/Land Cover Changes in a Humid Tropical River Basin
71 Ms. J. Japhynth 08ZM002 CSE Dr. R. Elijah Blessing Three Dimensional Matchmaking Models for Resource Allocation in Grid Environment
72 Mr. A. Brusly Solomon 09ZB007 Mechanical Engineering Dr. B. C. Pillai Studies on Heat Pipes Using Nano Fluids and Coated Surfaces
73 Ms. G. Nancy Elizabeth 09ZC009 SBLM Dr. Susan Chirayath The Effect of Emotional Intelligence on Learning Styles of Adult Learners in the Selected Colleges of Chennai City
74 Ms. Rini Jones. S. B 09ZD001 EIE Dr. P. Poongodi Performance Evaluation of Various Control Strategies for Hypersonic Wind Tunnel
75 Mr. T. Gunasekar RP10MA001 Mathematics Dr. M. Mallika Arjunan Existence and Controllability Results for Impulsive Intergodifferential Systems with Infinite Delay
76 Mr. Nadaf Nabisab Yamanurasab RP10MA005 Mathematics Dr. M. Mallika Arjunan Existence and Controllability Results for Impulsive Differential Systems with State-Dependent Delay
77 Mr. S. Sembian 09ZN002 Biotechnology Dr. S. Kalidass Evaluation of wound healing activities of selected medicinal plants
78 Mr. P. Ravichandiran 09ZG005 Chemistry Dr. S. Vasanth Kumar Synthesis, molecular docking and antibacterial evaluation of naphthoquinone based heterocycles
79 Mr. S. Chandrasekaran RR11CH001 Chemistry Dr. I. V. Muthu Vijayan Enoch Host-Guest association of coumarins and flavones with c-hexylpyrogallol[4]arene and β-cyclodextrin
80 Ms. Uma Pricilda. J 09ZC019 SBLM Dr. Susan Chirayath Trainees' reactions to training, transfer climate, transfer intention and transfer of training at hospitality organizations in Chennai city
81 Mr. P. Rajan 09ZC014 Management Dr. Rajagopal Electricity distribution performance: A study of Kerala state electricity board
82 Mr. K. Shathish 09ZN004 Biotechnology Dr. C. Guruvayoorappan Investigation of decalepis hamiltonii and solanum muricatum on tumour development and ulcerative colitis
83 Mr. K. Giridhar 08ZC005 Management Dr. J. Clement Sudhahar 9842469914 An empirical examination of customer loyalty determinants in Indian stock broking
84 Ms. Sujitha Juliet 09ZI001 Information Technology Dr. E. Kirubakaran Performance Analysis of Transform Based Medical Image Compression Methods for Telemedicine Applications
85 Mr. Denish Mika 09ZN005 Biotechnology Dr. C. Guruvayoorappan Investigation of the therapeutic efficacy of thespesia populnea on tumour development and ulcerative colitis
86 Mr. Shanty Chacko 08ZE001 ECE Dr. J. Jayakumar Removal of compression artifacts from block discrete cosine transformed images using post processing techniques
87 Ms. M. S. P. Subathra 08ZE004 ECE Dr. S. Easter Selvan Analysis of a stochastic optimizer using samples from long-tailed distributions with an application to power system
88 Ms. R. Kiruba 09ZF007 Physics Dr. S. Kingson Solomon Jeevaraj Synthesis and Characterization of ZnO, Cu Doped ZnO and AL Doped ZnO Nanofluids for Heat Transfer Applications
89 Mr. R. Moorthy RP11LS003 Library and Information Science Dr. J. Dominic Publishing habits of faculties in Tamilnadu State Universities: An analytical study
90 Ms. M. Kalpana 07ZF003 Physics Dr. B. Nalini Systematic study on Ce1-xZrxO2 and Ni/Ce1-xZrxO2 for intermediate temperature solid oxide fuel cell (IT-SOFC) application
91 Ms. S. Uma Maheswari 09ZS001 Nanoscience Dr. S. Vasanth Kumar Fabrication of Polymeric Nanocomposite Scaffolds for Tissue Engineering Applications
92 Mr. S. Immanuel Alex Pandian 09ZE009 ECE Dr. G. Josemin Bala Search Pattern Analysis and Optimization in Motion Estimation
93 Ms. Jaspher Willsie Kathrine 08ZM003 Computer Science and Engineering Dr. E. Kirubakaran Certificate-Less Multifactor Authentication Schemes for Secure Grid Environment
94 Mr. J. Satheesh Kumar 09ZD005 EIE Dr. P. Poongodi Development of decision support system for water treatment using soft computing techniques
95 Mr. S. Ganesh 07ZK002 Bioinformatics Dr. Jannet Vennila Study of bioactive phytochemicals and mitochondrial protein profile in acanthus ilicifolius leaves
96 Mr. M. Gopalakrishnan RR10PH003 Physics Dr. A. Kingson Solomon Jeevaraj Molecular interaction studies of ethylene glycol based CuO and MgO nanofluids using ultrasonic, rheological and thermal conductivity measurements
97 Mr. V. Selvam RR11EN002 English Dr. S. Jeyachandra Social Realism in the Select Poems of Sarah Morgan Bryan Piatt
98 Mr. C. David Pugazhenthi 09ZL001 English Dr. Olive Thambi Enhancing the Writing Skills of the Undergraduate Students in Arts and Science Colleges
99 Ms. B. Rohini 08ZF008 Physics Dr. A. Kingson Solomon Jeevaraj Preparation and Characterization of polar/non-polar hybrid CuO nanofluids for heat transfer applications
100 Ms. R. Geetha 09ZL006 English Dr. Pauline Das Balancing of Culture and Modernity: A Study of Chinua Achebe's Select Novels
101 Mr. C. P. Sokhalingam 09ZC022 Management Sciences Dr. N. Manimekalai Entrepreneurial approach in tourism industry - A study of travel agents in Tamil Nadu
102 Ms. M. Jegadeeswari 09ZC006 Management Sciences Dr. S. Franklin John Employee branding in higher educational institutions with special reference to management institutions in Tamilnadu
103 Mr. Kewal Krishan Gupta RP10MS003 Management Dr. Susan Chirayath Combined impact of growth of universal primary education and women empowerment on performance of rest of the millennium development goals-implications for India
104 Mr. Manivannan. A 09ZN018 Biotechnology Dr. R.T. Narendhirakannan Bioethanol production from Aquatic weed water hyacinth (Eichhornia crassipes) by yeast fermentation
105 Ms. D. Jeyamala 08ZL006 English Dr. Pauline Das Assessment of Reading Skills and Strategies for Enhancing Reading in Engineering Students
106 Mr. Rajan Pothiyadath 09ZC002 Management Sciences Dr. Reeves Wesley Analysis of organizational performance using McKinsey 7S framework in public sector organizations with focus on Kerala state electricity board
107 Mr. S. Gokula Krishnan 09ZC011 Management Sciences Dr. J. Reeves Wesley Employee engagement and its impact on intention to quit
108 Ms. K. Prescilla RR10EC001 ECE Dr. A. Immanuel Selvakumar Real-Time Task Assignment in Heterogeneous Multiprocessor Using Metaheuristic Algorithms
109 Ms. D. Sobiya Raj 08ZK001 Bioinformatics Dr. J. Jannet Vennila Purification, Characterization and medicinal properties of novel ribosome-inactivating protein (RIP) from the seeds of annona squamosa
110 Mr. T. Chidambaram RR11CH006 Chemistry Dr. M. Noel Flux decline and fouling of nanofiltration membranes during salt reclamation from dye wasterwater
111 Ms. Priya. K. L 09ZA008 Civil Engineering Dr. P. Jagathambal Dynamics of suspended sediments in a shallow estuary on the south-east coast of India
112 Ms. Devi Radhika RR10CH001 Chemistry Dr. A. Samson Nesaraj Development of novel nanocrystalline materials for solid oxide fuel cells
113 Mr. S. Angappan 08ZC006 Management Sciences Dr. Clement Sudhahar Examining corporate social responsibility (CSR) influence on financial performance: A perceptual study among stock broking firms
114 Ms. E. Chandra Blessie 09ZH003 Computer Applications Dr. E. Karthikeyan Preprocessing techniques for continuous attributes to improve the performance of the classifier
115 Ms. Christina V. Lyza 09ZN003 Biotechnology Dr. A. Annamalai A DNA Barcode Approach to Identify and Validate Ocimum Taxa and their Commercial Products
116 Ms. K. Rahimunnisa 09ZE002 ECE Dr. S. Suresh Kumar Certain investigations on optimization of advanced encryption standard architectures for improved performance
117 Ms. Porselvi. K RP10MA002 Mathematics Dr. B. Elavarasan Semi ideal based zero divisor graph structures of posets
118 Ms. Sameena. Y 09ZG001 Chemistry Dr. I. V. Muthu Vijayan Enoch Spectrosopic exploration of the binding of free-and iron oxide nanoparticle-conjugated chromenones with DNA: Influence of β-cyclodextrin on the binding
119 Mr. K. Govindan RR10CH002 Chemistry Dr. M. Noel Improvements in electrocoagulation technique for the treatment of contaminated water
120 Ms. Anitha Mary. X 09ZD003 EIE Dr. L. Sivakumar Reduction of alstom gasifier model size and genetic algorithm based performance optimisation
121 Mr. G. Ponmari 08ZK003 Bioinformatics Dr. A. Annamalai Pharmacological evaluation, structural characterization and in silico analysis of bioactive compounds from Indigofera caerulea Roxb.
122 Mr. S. Sarat Chandran 08ZL002 English Dr. J. Sundersingh Subaltern survival strategies in Arundhathi Roy's the god of small things and Kiran Desai's the inheritance of loss
123 Ms. A. Angelin 08ZN007 Biotechnology Dr. S. Kavitha Designing and Fabrication of household biofilter for fluoride contaminated groundwater
124 Ms. Vinodha. S RP10CE001 Civil Engineering Dr. P. Jegathambal Performance evaluation of electrocoagulation reactor in the removal of dye from textile waste water
125 Ms. Jaculine Mary. M RP11LS004 Library and Information Science Dr. J. Dominic Information security systems in University Libraries of Tamil Nadu: An analytical study
126 Ms. N. Sudha 08ZG006 Chemistry Dr. I. V. Muthu Vijayan Enoch Binding of free-and iron oxide nanoparticle-conjugated biologically important compounds to bovine serum albumin: Influence of β-cyclodextrin on the binding
127 Ms. B. Vimala RP11LS008 Library and Information Science Dr. J. Dominic Open access journals in social science: A Bibliometric study
128 Mr. Sachidanand Singh RP11BI001 Bioinformatics Dr. J. Jannet Vennila Network biology approach for identifying significant drug targets and pathways for rheumatoid arthritis
129 Ms. M. Manonmani Parvathi RR10PH004 Physics Dr. S. Rajesh Realization of quantum confinement effect on thermally evaporated PbTe nanocrystals embedded in amorphous InSe thin film matrix
130 Ms. Subakanmani. S 09ZN012 Biotechnology Dr. S. Murugan Evaluation of neuropsychopharmacological effects of hypericum hookerianum extracts on swiss albino mice
131 Ms. Umadevi. P. P 09ZA005 Civil Engineering Dr. E. J. James Development of a decision support system for the aliyar reservoir of Parambikulam-Aliyar project, India
132 Ms. J. Grace Nirmala 09ZN007 Biotechnology Dr. Narendhirakannan. RT Chemopreventive efficacy of vitis vinifera gold nanoparticles in skin carcinogenesis: An in vitro and in vivo approach
133 Mr. Kannan. N 09ZN019 Biotechnology Dr. C. Guruvayoorappan Effect of bauhinia tomentosa leaf extract on experimental ulcerative colitis and tumour models
134 Ms. I. Reya Issac 08ZN003 Biotechnology Dr. M. Lakshmi Prabha Biosorption of chromium (VI) from chrome tannery effluent using dead biomass of indigenous aspergillus species: Isotherm and kinetic models
135 Ms. Anita Sofia. V.S 08ZH010 Computer Applications Dr. S. Arockiasamy Energy conservation techniques for distributed clustered wireless sensor network
136 Mr. R. Hemanth RP12ME003 Mechanical Engineering Dr. M. Sekar Processing and study of thermal, mechanical and tribological behaviour of particulate filled polymer composites
137 Ms. Amutha Dhanaraj RP11EN001 English Dr. J. Sundersingh Social and stylistic study of Amitav Ghosh's the glass palace and sea of poppies
138 Mr. G. Jawahar 08ZN008 Biotechnology Dr. Emilin Renitta Development and popularization of value added products from selected medicinal mushrooms
139 Ms. S. Umamaheswari RR13EC003 ECE Dr. D. Jude Hemanth QR code based image steganography approaches using frequency domain and optimization techniques
140 Mr. D. Shine 09ZK002 Bioinformatics Dr. D. Jeya Sundara Sharmila Molecular modeling studies on the conformation and specificity of amyloid beta (Aβ42) protein towards understanding the aggregation and apoptosis in alzheimer's disease
141 Ms. Binola K. Jebalin. I. V RR12EC001 ECE Dr. A.Shobha Rekh Design and analysis of breakdown voltage improvement techniques in GaN based HEMT for high power applications
142 Ms. Hansa Paul RP11EN003 English Dr. M. Poonkodi Portrayal of women as agents of metamorphosis in the select novels of amitav ghosh
143 Ms. M. Krishnaveni RR10PH002 Physics Dr. Suganthi Devadason Growth process and characterization of pure, doped and surface modified ZnO nanorod thin films
144 Ms. Jeena Susan Easow RR11CH002 Chemistry Dr. T. Selvaraju Silver based bimetallic nanomaterials modified electrodes for electrochemical sensing and catalysis
145 Ms. M. Premalatha RR11PH004 Physics Dr. A. Kingson Solomon Jeevaraj Synthesis and characterization of multi-walled carbon nanotube-nanofluids
146 Ms. J. Anitha RP10CS001 CSE Dr. J. Dinesh Peter Enhanced approaches for mass detection and classification in digital mammograms
147 Mr. Reni. M. L 08ZG001 Chemistry Dr. A. Samson Nesaraj Physico-chemical and electrical characteristics of novel materials for solid oxide fuel cells (SOFCs)
148 Mr. A. Pragatheeswaran RR12PH002 Physics Dr. K. Ramachandran Synthesis and investigation of plasma sprayed lanthanum phosphate coatings for molten metal corrosion barrier applications
149 Mr. Atul Kumar RP11BI002 Bioinformatics Dr. D. Jeya Sundara Sharmila Machine Learining approach to predict descriminatory genes for type II diabetes
150 Mr. P. Krishnakumar RP11LS005 Library and Information Science Dr. P. J. Nirmala Webometric analysis of business schools' Library websites in India
151 Ms. O. S. Nimmi 09ZN011 Biotechnology Dr. Philomena George Antiobesity, cardioprotective and antioxidant effects of a new poly herbal formulation (PHF) in high fat diet (HFD) induced wistar rats
152 Mr. David Raja Selvam 09ZB008 Mechanical Engineering Dr. Robinson Smart. D.S Study of weldability and Metallurgical characterization of fly ash reinforced AA6061 alloy
153 Mr. Vinod. V 09ZH015 Computer Applications Dr. G. Radhamani A quantified hybrid software development model integrating lean six sigma and agile principles
154 Ms. M. Caroline Viola Stella Mary 09ZM003 Computer Science and Engineering Dr. R. Elijah Blessing Optic nerve head segmentation for early diagnosis of glaucoma
155 Mr. S. Peniel Pauldoss RP10ME002 Mechanical Prof. T. Michael N. Kumar Experimental investigations of a diesel engine driven by ethanol-diesel emulsions
156 Mr. R. Shivakumar 09ZC017 Management Dr. J. Reeves Wesley Determinants of growth and prospects of medical tourism in kerala state
157 Mr. U. Pramod Kumar RR11CH004 Chemistry Dr. C. Joseph Kennady Effect of aldehydes on the electrodeposition of Ni-W alloy and its corrosion properties
158 Ms. R. Pemila Edith Chitraselvi RR10BT003 Biotechnology Dr. S. Kalidass Evaluation of plant growth promoting and biocontrol traits in rhizosphere microbes from different areas from Tamilnadu, India
159 Ms. Sainta Jostar. T RR11PH002 Physics Dr. Suganthi Devadason Synthesis and characterization of undoped and doped CdS/TiO2 photoanodes
160 Mr. D. J. Jagannath RP12EE002 Electrical and Electronics Engineering Dr. A. Immanuel Selvakumar Antepartum noninvasive foetal cardiac signal elicitation- A novel hybrid tactic intended for signal quality enhancement
161 Mr. K. M. Sakthivel RR10BT002 Biotechnology Dr. C. Guruvayoorappan Investigation on the immunomodulatory efficacy of Acacia ferruginea extract and its application in inhibiting inflammation, ulcerative colitis and tumor metastasis
162 Mr. Gnanadurai. P RP13MS001 Management Dr. O. Joji Chandran A study on international gold market and gold price behaviour
163 Ms. P. Neetu John 09ZN013 Biotechnology Dr. S. Murugan Pharmacodynamic and Moelcular studies on MRSA
164 Ms. Femina W  09ZN020 Biotechnology Dr. S. Kalidass Bioprospecting and characterization of Therapeutic Drug principles for Human ailments from marine sources
165 Mr. Premnath. D 09ZK006 Bioinformatics Dr. J. Jannet Vennila Antiviral drug medicinal chemistry research
166 Mr. Benneaser J  RP11CA001 Computer Applications Dr. V. Thavavel  Interactive instructional adaptive learning system (ALS)
167 Ms. V. Ameena babu RP10MS004 Management Dr. R. Amudha E-Banking and its impact in Customer Satisfaction
168 Ms. Beulah christalin latha. C 08ZH002 Computer Applications Dr. E. Kirubakaran Enhancing E-Learning Through On-Line Web-based continuous Evaluation Systems
169 Mr. G. Ganesan  09ZB001 Mechanical Dr. M. Sekar Kinematics
170 Mr. B. Bensujin RP10EC006 Electronics and Communication Engineering Dr. C. Kezi Selva Vijila ST segment elevation myocardial infarction prediction using data mining techniques
171 Mr. B. Rajesh 07ZC002 Management Dr. J. Reeves Wesley Effectiveness of pictorial and text warnings on Tobacco products and the moderating effect of role of management and reference groups
172 Mr. E. Benjamin 08ZC004 Management Dr. J. Reeves Wesley Human resource management practices and organizational performance in micro, small and medium enterprises in Kerala
173 Ms. D. S. Shylu RP10EC003 Electronics and Communication Engineering Dr. D. Jackuline Moni Investigation on design techniques for 10-bit low power pipelined ADC
174 Ms. Joshni T. Chacko 08ZN004 Biotechnology Dr. S. Kalidass Decolorization of textile dye solutions using immobilized Aneurinibacillus aneurinilyticus and bimetallic nanoparticles- A compatibility study
175 Mr. Babu Rao G 09ZB001 Mechanical Engineering Dr. S. Darius Gnanaraj Experimental investigations on the use of parallel manipulator for chest compressions during cardio pulmonary resuscitation procedure
176 Ms. Sujatha. V 09ZH001 Computer Applications Dr. M. Punithavalli Enhanced approaches for classifying user navigation patterns using ensemble clustering and classification algorithm
177 Mr. R. Babu 09ZB011 Mechanical Engineering Dr. D.S. Robinson Smart Facing of A22E Bimetal bearing - An experimental investigations
178 Ms. M. Geetha 09ZL004 English Dr. J. Sundarsingh Polyphony of female voices: A study  of Manju Kapur's novels
179 Mr. P. Ramesh Kumar 07ZN001 Biotechnology Dr. Philomena George Effects of Sauropus androgynes (L.) leaf extract on obesity, diabetes, inflammation and immunomodulation in mice
180 Ms. Catherine Grace John J RP10MA003 Mathematics Dr. B. Elavarasan Contributions to prime ideals of posets
181 Ms. T. R. Sivapriya 09ZH014 Computer Applications Dr. A.R. Nadira Banu Kamal An integrated approach with enhanced feature selection in the multinomial classification of alzheimer's dementia
182 Mr. G. T. Thiru Arooran RP13MS003 Management Dr. O. Joji Chandran Investment Behaviour among information technology professionals: Evidence from Tamil Nadu, India
183 Mr. J. Immanuel John Raja 07ZI001 Information Technology Dr. R. Elijah Blessing Vinoth Effective methods for detection and isolation of sinkhole nodes in mobile AD HOC networks
184 Ms. Edith Linda P 08ZH003 Computer Applications Dr. E. Chandra Estimation of class quality through optimal quality indicators and scorecards
185 Mr. Vinoth Kumar K 09ZO005 EEE Dr. S. Suresh Kumar Investigations on stator and rotor faults detection in asynchronous motor using signal  and model based techniques
186 Ms. S. Sridevi Sathya Priya RP12EC004 ECE Dr. N. M. Siva Managai Certain investigations on optimization of bio cryptosystem architectures
187 Mr. Peter Varghese RR12MS008 Management Dr. Susan Chirayath Impact of spiritual intelligence on job satisfaction and life satisfaction of IT employees in the selected four cities of south India
188 Mr. J. Prabhu RP11CH001 Chemistry Dr. R. Nandhakumar Design and synthesis of fluorescent chemosensors for metal ions
189 Mr. K. Velmurugan RR11CH003 Chemistry Dr. R. Nandhakumar Development of new fluorescent materials for chemical sensing
190 Ms. E. Saranya RR12MS005 Management Dr. Clement Sudhahar Antecedents of stress among research scholars: A preceptual study in engineering colleges, Coimbatore
191 Mr. Steven Lawrence Fernandes RP12EC001 ECE Dr. G. Josemin Bala Design and development of dictionary matching technique for composite sketches with human face images
192 Mr. K. Bharath Kumar RR12CH001 Chemistry Dr. S. Vasanth Kumar Transition metal catalyzed synthesis of novel heterocycles from α-diazo esters via cycloaddition
193 Ms. K. Priyadarshini RP10EC004 ECE Dr. D. Jackuline Moni Analysis and optimization of motion estimation algorithms with high performance VLSI architecture for a single frame
194 Ms. I. Diana Jeba Jingle 08ZM006 Computer Science and Engineering Dr. R. Elijah Blessing Vinoth Detection and mitigation protocols for collaborative flooding attacks in wireless mesh networks
195 Mr. Prajoon P RR14EC002 ECE Dr. D. Nirmal Design and analysis of quantum efficiency enhancement techniques in InGaN/GaN multiple quantum well LEDs
196 Mr. V. Jaiganesh 09ZC007 Management Dr. Clement Sudhahar Evaluation of quality systems and process control measures inline with lean principles among pharmaceutical companies
197 Mr. Charles Pravin J RR13EC005 ECE Dr. D. Nirmal Modeling and simulation of dual metal surrounding gate junctionless transistor for enhanced digital circuit applications
198 Ms. S. C. Punitha 08ZH012 Computer Applications Dr. M. Punithavalli Enhanced ontology based clustering techniques for text documents
199 Mr. T. Sakthivel RR11NT001 Nanoscience and Technolgy Dr. V. Gunasekaran Development of carbon based nano-hybrid semiconductor materials for enhanced photocatalytic applications
200 Mr. S. Jeyaprakash RP11LS007 Library and Information Science Dr. P. Jackuline Nirmala Information seeking behavior and use pattern of faculty members under Bharathiar University affliated colleges: A study
201 Ms. N. Vithya RP11MA003 Mathematics Dr. P. Thangavelu A Study on generalized b#-closed sets in topology and some sets in digital topology
202 Ms. Indu G. Krishnan RR12MS006 Management Dr. S. Anthony Raj Impact of emotional intelligence on work life balance among female nurses serving in private multispeciality hospitals in Kerala with special reference to Ernakulam district
203 Mr. Ajayan J RP13EC001 ECE Dr. D. Nirmal Modeling and simulation of InP/GaAs based high electron mobility transistors for high frequency applications
204 Mr. Rex Jeya Rajkumar RR12BT005 Biotechnology Dr. M.S.A. Muthu Kumar Nadar In vitro and in vivo wound healing activity of Lobelia trigona roxb
205 Mr. Ebenezer Daniel RR14EC001 ECE Dr. J. Anitha Optimum masking based techniques for multi modal medical image fusion
206 Ms. S. Pitchumani Angayarkanni 09ZH013 Computer Applications Dr. A.R. Nadira Banu Kamal A novel approach for automatic detection of cancerous masses in mammogram
207 Mr. A. Thamilselvan RR13CH002 Chemistry Dr. A. Samson Nesaraj Studies on activated carbon cloth electrodes for capacitive deionization of pure and contaminated salt solutions
208 Mr. V. Saroj Kumar 09ZN015 Biotechnology Dr. A. Annamalai Studies on the genetic variation and the distribution of ensete superbum (Roxb.) Cheesman (Musaceae) from the western ghats of India
209 Ms. P. Rajalakshmy RP10EI002 EIE Dr. J. Jayakumar Certain investigations on the modeling approaches of A 500 MW utility boiler in a coal fired thermal power plant
210 Ms. Sherin J S 09ZF009 Physics Dr. Jijomon K. Thomas Electrical, Magnetic and electrochemical behaviour of nanostructured oxides of manganese synthesized by an auto igniting combustion technique
211 Ms. P. Subha Hency Jose RP10EI001 EIE Dr. J. Jayakumar Investigations on the effects of various control algorithms on the performance of utility boiler and coal gasifier
212 Mr. P. Gnanaprakasam RR12CH002 Chemistry Dr. T. Selvaraju Facile Synthesis of mono and bimetallic nanomaterials on reduced graphene oxide for catalytic and biochemical applications
213 Ms. J. Jino Blessy RR12BI002 Bioinformatics Dr. D. Jeya Sundara Sharmila Molecular modeling of N-acetylneuraminic acid analogues and their interaction with microbial toxins
214 Mr. Paul Sathiyan S 09ZO004 EEE Dr. S. Suresh Kumar Certain investigations on fuzzy rule base optimization techniques for performance improvement in vehicle longitudinal control
215 Ms. Evanzalin Ebenanjar P RR13MA002 Mathematics Dr. P. Thangavelu Contributions to soft topology and applications to GIS
216 Mr. Baby K C RP11FS001 Food Processing Dr. T.V. Ranganathan Enzyme assisted extraction of volatile oils and oleoresin from selected spices
217 Mr. Narain Ponraj D 09ZE004 ECE Dr. P. Ponkodi Local binary textural pattern analysis for the classification of breast cancer
218 Ms. S. Bercliln Jeyaprabha RP11EE003 EEE Dr. A. Immanuel Selvakumar Optimal Utilization of solar photovoltaic based hybrid energy system
219 Ms. Christu Nesam David D RP13MA001 Mathematics Dr. S. Elizabeth Amudhini Stephen Design optimization of mechanical systems using non-traditional optimization techniques
220 Mr. Nizar Ahammed K M RR13ME004 Mechanical Engineering Dr. L Godson Asirvatham Thermoelectric cooling of electronic devices with nanofluid in minichannel heat exchanger
221 Mr. Selvaraj K RP11EE001 EEE Dr. J. Jayakumar Investigations on media streaming quality-of-experience and agility using rate adaptation approaches
222 Mr. Babu Michael RP12MS001 Management Dr. J. Andrew Franklin Prince Human resource practices and its impact on perceived performance of teachers at self financing management Institutions in Kerala
223 Ms. R. Sumithra 09ZH009 Computer Applications Dr. Sujni Paul Design and development of a hybrid weighted-hasht apriori mining algorithm with hadoop distributed file system
224 Ms. Lavanya A. P RR13MA001 Mathematics Dr. J. Daphy Louis Lovenia Oscillatory solutions of nonlinear fractional difference equations