List of M.Phil Scholars

S.No Reg. No Name of the Scholar Program Topic Supervisor Date of Enrollment
1 RP15PD2001 Ms. T NIMMI JAYA DEEPA Physical Education Analysis of selected Physical Fitness Characteristics among Inter-Collegiate Sprinters, Jumpers, and Throws. Dr. A. Kalebrajan 01.07.2015
2 RR16EN2001 Ms. MERLIN X English American Literature Dr. Helen Unius Backiavathy 04.07.2016
3 RR16EN2002 Mr. ASWIN S A English American Literature Dr. D. David Wilson 04.07.2016
4 RR16EN2003 Ms. MONISHA EVANGELINE R English Diasporic study Dr. S. Jeyachandra 04.07.2016
5 RR16EN2004 Ms. REMYA TERESA TOM English New Colonialism in African Literature Dr. M. Poonkodi 04.07.2016
6 RR16MA2001 Ms. ESTHER AROKKIARANI V Mathematics Oscillatory solutions of Difference Equations  Dr. J. Daphy Louis Lovenia 04.07.2016
7 RR16NT2001 Ms. MISHA MUTHALALI Nanoscience & Technology Cyclodextrin–Conjugated Nanomaterials for Cancer Drug targeting  Dr. I.V. Muthu Vijayan Enoch  04.07.2016
8 RR16PH2001 Ms. PERSIS PREETHI VARIGANJI Physics Thin films Dr.S.Rajesh 04.07.2016