The postgraduate and doctoral programs in Physics are steps towards the objective of expanding in many scientific areas intending to build upon and to further the position of the University as one of the leading academic institutions. State-of-the-art teaching and research facilities are available for training the students in the demanding areas of industrial and societal needs. Well- equipped classroom with multimedia equipments provide a positive classroom climate for the motivation of students to learn with added care and support.

The physics division aims to maintain excellence in education which has been the tradition since its inception. The division incorporates this approach to all its activities including curriculum development and teaching methodology. It provides a quality scientific education to instill innovative, effective, creative, and competitive spirit in every student. The main focus of the physics division is to provide research facilities and conducive research environment to the students in the frontier areas of physics.

It aims to produce holistic, value based physicists by exploring and nurturing their potentials so as to discover and to exchange the knowledge to student community, society and to solve energy crisis based on renewable energy resources.