NEMS-MEMS Nanofabrication Lab
The MEMS–NEMS Nanofabrication lab conducts fundamental and applied research in the areas of MEMS/NEMS dynamics, Laser Interference Lithography, High Density Energy Harvesting, Multi-Domain Nanoprobe, Photo-Thermal Response of Nanomaterials, Flow Sensors for Space Vehicle, Direct Laser Scribing, Organic Solar Cells (OPV), Organic-Inorganic Monolayer MOS/MOSFET (OIMFET)devices for high frequency and high voltage applications and 3D printing of Biomimetic Scaffolds for Tissues and Stem Cell Culture for Organ Development. Research involves designing, modeling, simulating, fabricating, characterizing, and testing a vast variety of energy efficient devices and applications

Nanomaterials Research Lab (NmRL)
Research in NmRL focuses primarily on three areas: 1) treatment of waste-water using nanoparticles 2) fabrication of multifunctional nanocomposites using graphene, graphene-oxide (GO), and reduced graphene-oxide (rGO) 3) supercapacitors, FETs, solar cells and electrochemical sensor devices

Nanotoxicology and Tissue Engineering Laboratory (NaTEL)
The Nanotoxicology and Tissue Engineering Laboratory is interested in understanding how engineered nanomaterials interact with human tissue to ensure the safe development of nanotechnology related consumer products and nano medicines. The lab is equipped with animal tissue culture facilities and fluorescent microscopy for various analyses pertaining to tissue engineering and nanotoxicology.