The Department of Computer Sciences Technology had signed MoU with CISCO Systems, Bangalore on 5-11-2007. The CISCO centre of excellence on Advanced Networking available in the department provides world class networking infrastructure. The faculty members have been constantly trained by CISCO Networking Academy, to offer the latest industry relevant networking curriculum. The Department is offering the certification course CCNA (Cisco Certified Network Associate) to the students since 2007. The course provides practical hands-on experience to the students on networking concepts during the 110 hours of the course.

As per the CISCO requirements, the CCNA course is divided into following four modules:
  • Networking fundamentals
  • Routing protocols and concepts
  • LAN switching and wireless
  • Accessing the WAN

The CISCO Centre of Excellence is equipped with sophisticated CISCO hardware like routers, switches, wireless adapter, cables and PCs to effectively deliver the CISCO CCNA curriculum. Packet tracer software is also installed in computers to simulate the various network configurations and provide a better understanding on the networking concepts.
CISCO NetRiders, a National Level competition and various department level competitions related to networking are conducted regularly with the equipments available in this laboratory. Once in a year students from rural schools are invited and the equipments in the laboratory are demonstrated to motivate them to pursue their career in the networking domain.

The following equipments are available in the Cisco Centre of Excellence at Karunya University.



Routing products

Cisco 2811(2800 Series Router)

4 nos

V.35 Cable

4 sets

Switching product

WS-C2960-24TT-L(2960 Catalyst Switch)

4 nos

Linksys product

LINKSYS WRT300N(Wireless Broadband Router)

3 nos

Network Security

Cisco 2811-SEC/K9(Router)

2 nos

ASA 5510-BUN-K9(Adaptive Security Appliances)

2 nos

NIC Card Pod


4 nos


2 nos

AP Pod


1 no

Bridge Pod


2 nos

Novell Centre of Excellence for Cloud Computing

Novell enables organizations to confidently deliver computing services across physical, virtual and cloud environments. Novell focusses on designing and building Linux based software.

  • The School of Computer Sciences Technology of Karunya University has signed MoU with Novell Software Development India Pvt. Ltd. The Novell Centre of excellence for cloud computing provides opportunities for our students to carryout cloud based projects and research. This centre features Novell's award winning products such as NetIQ & Identity Manager,SUSE Linux & Cloud. This Novell Centre of Excellence also hosts necessary infrastructure and softwares for carrying out industry oriented exercises on Applied Security,Cloud Computing and System Administration.
  • The department of Computer Sciences Technology in association with Novell Software Development India pvt Ltd offers industry-oriented certifications on Novell Certified Linux associate (NCLA) and Novell Certified Linux Professional (NCLP).
  • The Department of Information Technology in collaboration with Novell Software Development India Pvt.Ltd.,Bangalore is jointly offering M.Tech in Information Technology. This course provides opportunities for the students to take up challenging positions in industry or to pursue research in premier institutions/research institutes.This course is exclusively designed by Novell Software Development India Pvt.Ltd. to meet the standards set out by the software industries. The following subjects are offered as part of this course.
    • Access and Identity Management
      Book: NetIQ Identity Manager-lecture,Novell Inc.,USA && NetIQ Access Manager-lecture,Novell Inc.,USA
      Name of the Co-requisite Laboratory: Applied Security Lab
      Tools used: Net Access Manager & Identity Manager

    • Cloud Computing Services
      Book: SUSE Linux,Novell Inc.,USA
      Name of the Co-requisite Laboratory:Cloud Computing Lab
      Tools used: SUSE Cloud

    • System Administration
      Book: SUSE Linux,Novell Inc.,USA
      Name of the Co-requisite Laboratory: System Administration Lab
      Tools used: SUSE Linux

  • Other Core Subjects Offered:
    • Advanced Computer Architecture
    • Information Storage Management
    • Design and Analysis of Algorithm
    • Interworking
    • System Development Lab
    • Object Oriented Software Engineering
  • Soft Core Electives areas:
    • Advanced Computing
    • Game Design
    • Image Processing
    • Data Analysis
    • Cyber Security
    • Multimedia Technologies

IBM Big Data software Centre of Excellence

The School of Computer Sciences Technology has signed a MoU with IBM Academic Initiative following which the “IBM Big Data Software Centre of Excellence" is set up with the aid of IBM India pvt ltd., on Big Data platform using IBM products. The faculty were trained on the same subsequently.
The IBM Big Data Software Centre of Excellence is an initiative with a vision to enable the students and faculty in higher education to gain the relevant skills in Big Data Analytics, experiential learning and to make them adept with latest Big Data technology and tools.
The objective of this collaboration is to have a number of students graduating from the institution skilled in industry requirements, using best-in-class IBM Software in Big Data Analytics. Both IBM and the University will collaborate in a way that shall benefit the students pursuing a career in the industry.

IBM Big Data software Centre of Excellence - Lab set up

The bundled package from IBM for establishing IBM Big data Software Center of Excellence consists of the Netezza appliance which will be a complete framework of Big Data analytics solution that can seamlessly integrate for any enterprise-level deep analytical operation.

Netezza Appliance

The IBM Netezza 100 is an easy-to-use appliance that requires minimal tuning and administration, speeding up application development. As a commodity based appliance, IBM Netezza 100 is a very affordable analytic option, delivering up to 10 TB of user data capacity in a compact physical and environmental footprint.

The following are the value-added products (Software) provided by IBM along with the Netezza-100 appliance (Hardware)
  • Data Integration & Transformation - InfoSphereDataStage Workgroup
  • Hadoop Data Services - InfoSphereBigInsights Enterprise Edition
  • Real-time Analytics - InfoSphere Streams Developer Edition

Data Integration and Transformation will be supported by InfosphereDataStage, Structured Data Analysis by Netezza Analytics, Unstructured Data Analysis by InfoSphereBigInsights (IBM’s flavor of Hadoop), Real Time Analytical Processing by InfoSphere Streams.

As a part of the MoU, IBM will facilitate the industry connect with IBM’s ecosystem of Big Data business partners with a view to building industry relevance and capability that’s in demand.
Faculty In charge - Mrs. A. Shamila Ebenezer, Assistant Professor / CST, Ms. S. Leela, Assistant Professor / CST

Computing Security Research Lab

Computing Security Research Lab is set up at the School of Computer Sciences Technology to enable the students and staff to undergo research in the various areas of security. The lab setup is shown below.

The systems are categorized as type I, type II and type II each based on their utilization.
VMware is installed in the type I systems. This will enable these systems to operate both as local servers to type II systems and as clients to users to do stand alone experiments. The type II systems will perform the java based experiments. The client/server security experiments will be done in conjunction with type I systems. The type II systems are dedicated for Firewall and Intrusion Detection System (IDS) based research.
Open source softwares such as OWASP based Webgoat, Wireshark, Fake AP, LOIC, Port scanner, SNORT, Firebug and glass fish have been loaded for research purposes. There are at present 16 systems installed in the lab. The following are some of the projects being done in the security lab.
  • In the area Intrusion detection system development
    • Hybrid intrusion detection system using C 5.0 decision tree algorithm
    • Alarm mitigation using SHA-3 hash based contextual signatures
    • Property based attestation for malicious intruder detection
  • In the area of Key Management
    • HIPAA-Compliant key management scheme with key recovery mechanism
    • Key Management in Wireless Sensor Networks using Pair wise and Triple Key Distribution
  • In the area specific to Cloud Security
    • Preserving Security of Virtual Machine During Live Migration
    • Dynamic auditing for secure cloud
    • A fault-tolerant framework for a secure cloud data centre
    • Privacy preserving using non-repudiation of origin protocol
    • Trust based scheduling of workflow applications
    • Multi-performance in multitask workflow for dynamic scenario
  • In the area of attacks detection

Traffic flooding attacks detection using C 5.0 decision tree algorithm
List of equipments available in the facility

S No





Dell – Vostro-3800

  • Intel Core i5 4570 @3.2-3.6GHz
  • 8GB DDR3 RAM
  • 1TB HDD
  • 18.5 Inch Dell Monitor
  • Keyboard and Optical Mouse


2,45,000 /-


ACER Power Series

  • Intel Dual Core @ 3Ghz
  • 80 GB HDD
  • 1.44 FDD
  • 14 Inch Monitor
  • Keyboard and Optical Mouse


37,000 /-


HP DX2000MT Series

  • Intel P IV @ 3 GHz
  • 1 GB DDR 1 RAM
  • 40 GB HDD
  • 1.44 FDD
  • 14 Inch Acer Monitor
  • Keyboard and Optical Mouse


72,000 /-


WIPRO I-value Series

  • Intel Dual Core @ 3Ghz
  • 80 GB HDD
  • 1.44 FDD
  • 14 Inch Monitor
  • Keyboard and Optical Mouse


1,08,000 /-

Faculty In charge - Dr.G. Jaspher W. Kathrine, Assistant Professor / IT