The University strives to produce high-quality experts who have the ability to solve society’s increasingly complex problems relating to energy, the environment, wellbeing, and decision-making. Science and Technology are the legs on which innovation walks.

Karunya University at periyanaickenpalayam, with its various disciplines is flexible and adaptive in meeting the ever changing research and education needs of industry be it Commerce, Information Technology with emphasis on Cyber security, linguistics etc provides an intellectual look towards the outside world.



The Department believes in rising and cherishing global talents in students through quality education, research and continuous innovation. It provides a proficient background to nurture commerce professionals with a high level of knowledge and skill to meritoriously contribute to society with commitment and integrity. The department imparts the learning that includes the knowledge of basic theories, principles, methods and procedures of commerce and accounting.

Course curriculum of all the programs covers major in operation aspects of respective domains and provides a strong foundation in the core management areas. The department believes in continually upgrading its curriculum and pedagogics to meet the changing needs of the Industry. The curriculum is instigated by experienced faculty having broad research and industry experience. Department focuses on persistent improvement in pedagogics by introducing new methodologies of knowledge dissemination. Faculty at University have effective and powerful combination of academic experience and industry exposure. They employ the latest teaching-techniques, making widespread use of modern technology. Most are members of professional bodies, and advisors at academic forums. Most of the students choose this stream because they all want to put their stride forward in business and its approaches. The curriculum of its undergraduate programs is designed to enable the students in pursuing their higher education such as MBA, chartered accountants, cost accountants, company secretaries and chartered financial analyst and make them self-skilled and/or entrepreneur. Nothing equates to hands on experience. Students are accustomed to the workplace through regular industrial visits. Attention is also given to new era e - commerce and e - business, which are building an impact in the field. The department also arranges career guidance and entrepreneurial development programs to elevate student skills and make them industry ready. The department Offers many value added programs such as Digital Marketing , ERP, ACCA etc.

Various programs offered are:


B.Com (CA)

B.Com (Professional Accounting)


The department aims to present undergraduate and postgraduate students with the richness of English literature and to train them in the critical analysis of its formal, thematic and cultural complexities. It does so by providing a wide sampling of literature from different historical periods and national contexts. Through the associated teaching in a foreign language, it aims to inculcate a better understanding of linguistic and cultural diversity. In addition, the department aims to improve students' ability to communicate their ideas about literature in oral and written form.

The department provides the core of a liberal education in the humanities and, for those who intend to pursue careers in teaching and scholarship, the basis for advanced study of literature. These courses range from historical surveys of English and American literature and introductory courses in critical methods to advanced courses and seminars in particular periods, authors, genres, and literary issues. The core proficiency in our discipline lies in gaining a familiarity with a wide range of authors and literary works

Various programs offered are

B.A (English)

M.A (English)

B.A Criminology


The Department of Information Technology was established with the objective of providing quality and value education to students in the field of Information Technology and develop them with good moral practices thus showcasing their multifaceted personality development. Education in Information Technology conveys the knowledge through which the needs of users within an organizational and societal context can be met. Since its origin, the department has expanded and grown in terms of giving out knowledge inside and outside curriculum and skill development activities. The Curriculum evaluation and upgrading of the labs are done constantly so as to keep the students updated with the latest trends at the global level. Diverse core areas of Information Technology that are covered in our under graduate curriculum include programming, Database, Networking, Web Programming, Information Management, Digital Marketing, Big Data Analytics and human computer interaction. The postgraduate program offered by the department cover advanced topics of different information technology courses leading to specializations in the areas of Database Systems, Information Security and Cyber Forensics and Cloud Computing. The courses are designed in such a way that the students are wide-open to theoretical concepts accompanied by related practical experiments. The programs are exclusively designed to meet the standards set out by the IT industry. The programs provide an intense competency with an underpinned digital technology and gives a successful career in a range of organizations including banking, finance and management. The programs emphasize the conceptual grounding in computer usage as well as its interconnection technologies to facilitate practical business application in a distributed environment. The program addresses system vulnerabilities and the preventative measures that may counter cyber-attacks, including steps to repair systems weaknesses, prevent repeat occurrences, and collecting and examining digital evidence using a variety of digital and mobile forensics tools such as FTK and Cellbrite. It also helps in developing a detailed understanding of comprehensive cyber risk management practices for ensuring overall security. The programs are intentional in such a way that the graduate develops a practical understanding of the technologies and attains expertise for a successful career. The energetic faculty members of the department possess good expertise in various areas of information technology and ability for teaching different courses. The department consists of a combination of faculty members with industrial and academic experience. The class rooms are well equipped with all modern electronic audio-visual facilities.

The department has academic collaboration with corporate companies for the benefit of students to carry out internships and project work.

In addition to the above, the faculty members’ possess essential attributes of being a good mentor to students.

Various programs offered are


B.Sc. (Information Technology)

B.Sc. (Information Security and Digital Forensics)

M.Sc. (Information Security and Digital Forensics)