Training Programmes are conducted for Career Planning & Development, Aptitude skills, Technical Test, Job interview and Total Personality Development Programme. The students are encouraged to participate in symposia and workshops besides pursuing their academic activities.


Our students are placed in Infosys, Accenture, Zifo Technology, Aetitea Life Sciences, Clinical research consortium, Novartis, Tara International, Wipro, TCS, Accenture etc. Few outstanding students have received multiple placements in more than one companies. Our students have also joined higher studies in abroad. Two s tudents have completed their internship abroad as part of IAESTE ( International Association for exchange of students of Technical Education) Program


S.No. Reg. No. Name of the student Dept., Name of the Company
  PR15BI1008 Delna Mathew M.Tech - Bioinfo Infosys, Bangalore
  UR13BI001 ANNAMALAINATHAN B.Tech - Bioinfo Accenture, Bangalore
  UR13BI002 AALWIN JOSEPH T MATHEW B.Tech - Bioinfo Accenture, Bangalore
  UR13BI004 ABARNY SOUNDARARAJAN B.Tech - Bioinfo Accenture, Bangalore
  UR13BI010 ASHISHA JAYAN B.Tech - Bioinfo Accenture, Bangalore
  UR13BI011 ASHITHA WASHINGTON B.Tech - Bioinfo Accenture, Bangalore
  UR13BI014 BLESSY MARIAM NINAN B.Tech - Bioinfo Accenture, Bangalore
  UR13BI015 BONEETHA BOSE B.Tech - Bioinfo Accenture, Bangalore
  UR13BI023 HUSNA RIYAZ B.Tech - Bioinfo Accenture, Bangalore
  UR13BI024 JEFRINA JACOB JEYADURAI B.Tech - Bioinfo Accenture, Bangalore
  UR13BI032 MONICAA NOVAL B.Tech - Bioinfo Accenture, Bangalore
  UR13BI035 PRESLYN PETER B.Tech - Bioinfo Accenture, Bangalore
  UR13BI036 SAMUTHIRAPANDIAN B.Tech - Bioinfo Accenture, Bangalore
  UR13BI039 RIYA ANN MATHEWS B.Tech - Bioinfo Accenture, Bangalore
  UR13BI047 VIVEK SINGH B.Tech - Bioinfo Accenture, Bangalore
16.       WIPRO, Bangalore
  UR13BI004 ABARNY S B.Tech - Bioinfo  
17.       WIPRO, Bangalore
  UR13BI015 Boneetha Bose B.Tech - Bioinfo  
18.       Cognizant Tech Solutions,
  UR13BI015 Boneetha  Bose B.Tech - Bioinfo Bangalore
19.       Cognizant Tech Solutions,
  UR13BI039 Riya  Mathews B.Tech - Bioinfo Bangalore
20.       IBM, Bangalore
  UR13BI008 Angelina Thomas V B.Tech - Bioinfo  
21.       Hinduja Global Solutions,
  UR13BI003 AANISH LIBRAH R B.Tech - Bioinfo Bangalore
22.       Hinduja Global Solutions,
  UR13BI005 ABHIJEET KIRAN BARIDE B.Tech - Bioinfo Bangalore
23.       Hinduja Global Solutions,
  UR13BI007 ANEESHA ANNA AJIT B.Tech - Bioinfo Bangalore
24.       Hinduja Global Solutions,  
  UR13BI009 ARUN MOORTHY G B.Tech - Bioinfo Bangalore  
25.       Hinduja Global Solutions,  
  UR13BI025 JENITHA JOSEPHINE. J B.Tech - Bioinfo Bangalore  
26.       Hinduja Global Solutions,  
  UR13BI026 JITHIN JOSEPH B.Tech - Bioinfo Bangalore  
27.       Hinduja Global Solutions,  
  UR13BI033 MOUNIKA S B.Tech - Bioinfo Bangalore  
28.       Hinduja Global Solutions,  
  UR13BI040 R ROSHAN B.Tech - Bioinfo Bangalore  
29.       Hinduja Global Solutions,  
  UR13BI043 TEENA RACHEL CHACKO B.Tech - Bioinfo Bangalore  
30.       Hinduja Global Solutions,  
  UR13BI044 TEJASWINI K B.Tech - Bioinfo Bangalore  
  UR13BI042 Soumya K Chandru B.Tech - Bioinfo Amazon, Hyderabad  
32. UR13BI049     VWR Lab Products,  
  Vinod Jackson B.Tech - Bioinfo Coimbatore  
33. UR13BI051     TNQ Books & Journals,  
  P R Paul Elliot B.Tech - Bioinfo Chennai  
34. UR13BI013     TNQ Books & Journals,  
  Benida Grace B.Tech - Bioinfo Chennai  
35. UR13BI009     TNQ Books & Journals,  
  Arun Moorthy G B.Tech - Bioinfo Chennai  
36.       Sutherland Global Services,  
  UR13BI018 Daniel Aibor Pyngrope B.Tech - Bioinfo Chennai  
37.       Sutherland Global Services,  
  UR13BI017 Chris Nikhil P A B.Tech - Bioinfo Chennai  
38.       Sutherland Global Services,  
  UR13BI052 Amir Hussain B.Tech - Bioinfo Chennai  
39.       Sutherland Global Services,  
  UR13BI029 Manjula M B.Tech - Bioinfo Chennai  
40.       Sutherland Global Services,  
  UR13BI022 Hari Vignesh K S B.Tech - Bioinfo Chennai  
41.       Sutherland Global Services,  
  UR13BI038 Punitha P B.Tech - Bioinfo Chennai  
42.       Sutherland Global Services,  
  UR13BI030 Manna Tirkley B.Tech - Bioinfo Chennai  
43.       Clob Technologies,  
  UR13BI045 Vignesh Kumar S B.Tech - Bioinfo Coimbatore  
  UR13BI007 Aneesha Anna Ajit B.Tech - Bioinfo IBM, Bangalore  
45.       VDart Software Services P Ltd,  
  UR13BI034 Neema Joseph B.Tech - Bioinfo Trichy  
46.   Punitha P   Synergy Scientific Services,  
  UR13BI038 B.Tech - Bioinfo Chennai  
47.       Sutherland Global Services,  
  UR13BI045 Vignesh Kumar.S B.Tech - Bioinfo Chennai  
48. UR13BI026     Omics Group, Hyderabad  
    Jithin Joseph B.Tech - Bioinfo    
49. UR13BI021     Omics Group, Hyderabad  
    Gowtham E B.Tech - Bioinfo    
50. UR13BI043     Omics Group, Hyderabad  
    Teena  Recheal Chacko B.Tech - Bioinfo        
51. UR13BI049     Omics Group, Hyderabad  
    Vinod Jackson B.Tech - Bioinfo        
52.       Omics Group, Hyderabad  
  UR13BI040 Roshan R B.Tech - Bioinfo        
53. UR13BI032     Omics Group, Hyderabad  
    Monicaa N B.Tech - Bioinfo        
54. UR13BI007     Omics Group, Hyderabad  
    Aneesha Anna Ajit B.Tech - Bioinfo        
55. UR13BI031     Omics Group, Hyderabad  
    Medha V B.Tech - Bioinfo        
56. UR13BI045     Omics Group, Hyderabad  
    Vignesh Kumar.S B.Tech - Bioinfo        
57. UR13BI003     Omics Group, Hyderabad  
    Aanish Librah Raj B.Tech - Bioinfo        
58. UR13BI005     Omics Group, Hyderabad  
    Abhijeet Baride B.Tech - Bioinfo        
59. UR13BI038     Omics Group, Hyderabad  
    Punitha P B.Tech - Bioinfo        
60. UR13BI029     Omics Group, Hyderabad  
    Manjula M B.Tech - Bioinfo        
61. UR13BI044     Omics Group, Hyderabad  
    Tejaswini K B.Tech - Bioinfo        
62.       VDart Technologies, Trichy  
  UR13BI031 Medha V B.Tech - Bioinfo        
63.       Kujan Business Systems,  
  UR13BI028 Kalpana Vasaki B.Tech - Bioinfo Coimbatore    
64. UR13BI041     Omics Group, Hyderabad  
    Sanghavi B.Tech – Bioinfo        
65. UR13BI009     Omics Group, Hyderabad  
    Arun Murthy B.Tech – Bioinfo        
66. UR13BI031     Vdart Software Services,  
    Medha V B.Tech - Bioinfo Trichy      
67.       Sign Post, Coimbatore  
  UR13BI006 Ajay Joyal D B.Tech - Bioinfo        
68.       Sign Post, Coimbatore  
  UR13BI021 Gowtham E B.Tech - Bioinfo        
69.       Sign Post, Coimbatore  
  UR13BI048 Arul Jebaraj A B.Tech - Bioinfo        
70.       BluekodeSolutions,    
  UR13BI028 Kalpana Vasuki N B.Tech - Bioinfo Coimbatore    
71.       BluekodeSolutions,    
  UR13BI031 Medha V B.Tech - Bioinfo Coimbatore